The four main feminine archetypes

The Maiden 
Season: Spring
Chakra: Solar plexus
Moon phase: Waxing moon

Quality: Youthful, dynamic, independent, spontaneous, playful.

Befriend your inner maiden by: 

  • being assertive
  • doing sport and playing games
  • celebrating success of others
  • making spontaneous decisions
  • traveling

The Nurturer

Season: Summer
Chakra: Heart chakra, throat chakra
Moon pha
se: Full moon
Quality: Sensual, abundant, creative, generous, compassionate.

Befriend your inner maiden by:

  • Connecting with Mother Earth and nature, gardening.
  • Practising self-care, going to spa or getting a massage
  • Creating ceremonies and gatherings
  • Hand craft

The Wild woman

Season: Autumn
Chakra: Third eye chakra, crown chakra
Moon phase: Waning moon
Quality: Medicine woman, connected to an undercurrent magic, untamed.

Befriend your inner wild woman by:

  • learning about herbs
  • meditation
  • saying loud your opinion
  • practising magic
  • overcoming duality

The Wise woman

Season: Winter
Chakra: Root chakra, sacral chakra
Moon phase: New moon
Quality: Observer, rooted, wisdom, not scared of death

Befriend your inner Wise woman by:

  • practising patience
  • slowing down
  • knowing your self-worth
  • introspection
  • practising kindness and compassion