"Go deep into your true, authentic Ego. Then you realise you are nothing. After that you realise, that you are everything." 

About me

My journey of discovery about human body, mind, art and spirituality started 14 years ago. Everything i teach i first test and implement into my own life.

Each my session is a ceremony. So we mark into time and space this important event of healing and self- development. Every session is individually designed up to the needs. I'm energy worker and bodyworker. I heal through combination of word (consultation), touch (massage),  Art, meditation, herbalism,  energy (harmonising) and rewriting patterns that don't serve you anymore.

I am a rebel by nature. Talking about taboos and uncomfortable topics. My mission is to bring a light even into deepest darkness. That' s why i call myself also Hekaté - she is the goddess holding a torch in her hand to light our path. She is also the one who wanders the night to rescue lost souls, while bringing vengeance to those who defile her beloveds. Hekate is the Anima Mundi, the fiery spark that fuels of all the universe. An intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet. That' s why my philosophy and lifestyle is tantra. Because tantra teaches about universal forces and connectivity between all existence.

I call myself a feminist. Even though today, women are usually being called as feminists in a pejorative way. I believe in supportive relationships between women and i believe in women' s empowerment. That' s why i do also healing focused on woman' s health and i share my knowledge through my priestess trainings and art.

I learned numerous ayurvedic massage treatments and herbalism in Saatwika Ayurveda, Kerala, India and repeatedly spend time and attennded courses in The OSHO International Meditation Resort. Also i went through John Hawken's tantric training and psychotherapeutic counselling training in Prague. I devoted past 10 years of my life to self-healing, especially when it comes to woman's health (i overcame ovarian cancer and did not loose ability to have a baby), healing of womb and understanding to cyclic nature of woman and importance of sisterhood. When it comes to traditional witchcraft and rituals i take inspiration from Anima Noira, well-known witch from the Czech republic. I attended few of her workshops too.