Massage rituals...

Massage is the best way to nourish yourself, connect with your body, and to keep yourself fit and healthy. It can also help with numerous health issues such as lowering stress and cortisol levels and improving your ability to cope with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Massage can boost blood circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system and minimise chronic pain. It can help repair soft tissue injuries and even neuropathy. Lastly, and most importantly, it can help with self-development and spiritual growth.

Our body is a temple which houses our soul. Through the body we feel and sense reality around us. We feel, we taste, we see. We feel pleasure and pain. We feel stress and fear and also comfort and relaxation.

Your heartbeat rises up and down, your hair can stand on end. You can feel butterflies in your stomach combined with shaking hands. Sometimes you cry and sometimes you laugh. All your life experiences are being received and analysed through the body. Your inner world and psychological well-being directly influences your health. It's called psychosomatics.

I have here a selection of my favorite and most powerful massage rituals that I have encountered during my career as a massage therapist. All of them are holistic and very complex treatments.