What is tantra? Is it some esoteric sexual practice? No, there is more to tantra than that. Also, don't mix together tantric massage and Tantra. 

Tantra is the constant movement of existence. Tantra is about understanding natural forces and the system and laws behind our multi-dimensional reality. Everything is interconnected and everything influences everything else in every moment. Tantra is a yoga practice. Tantra is a science. Tantra is a tool for every situation. Tantra is all about unification and interconnected patterns. That's why tantra teaches about the physical body and spirituality, because it's all one. One cannot exist without the other. Sexuality is an important part of human life. That' s why is tantra these days connected mostly with sexuality because it' s today's important topic for evolution of humanity. Integrate,transform and liberate. Especially after long time of suppression, shame and control that causes aggression and hurt. Tantra is not sexual but orgasmic. Sexuality is a sacred creative force that can be used in many different ways.

Any society that rigidly controls sex and women is more likely an aggressive and intolerant society that is full of division and violence. Need of control is two-edged. One edge is to control sexuality and make us feel ashamed of our body and sex. The paradox is that "pro-life" ideas are against contraception and against sex outside of marriage, because they "protect life", while they make women's lives a moral hell, especially those who get pregnant outside of marriage. They are ostracized and their children have been called bastards. It causes a lot of trauma, shame and complicates the relationship between parents and children, women and men. If we want to be really pro-life, we should celebrate every being, conceived in or outside of marriage. The other edge is genetical engineering and the darker side of assisted reproduction, which can lead into prenatal eugenics. Even hormonal contraception can be seen on one side as instrument for liberation and having a choice, but also it can be seen as control of women' s behavior, because hormons directly influence function of body and brain. The answer to it is seeing all the consequences of our choices and if we don' t like the results, we should search for other ways.

If you get on path of tantra, you will always look for the truth, want to understand how things work, seeing consequences and trying to make conscious decisions. 

Tantra is a philosophy and lifestyle that needs discipline. Tantra solves any topic, not only human sexuality, in a very complex and conscious way.