June - Goddess Oonagh. The queen of fairies.


The creatrix of magic and beauty.

The protectress of fairies, young animals and magical world.

The Mistress of glamour, sensuality and dreams.

She gives blessings to people seeking a true love and romantic happiness.

Festival:  Litha (Midsummer day)

She is the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe ( Irish name for a supernatural race in Celtic mythology -  fairies and elves. She is a wife of the High King Finvarra.

Ritual work:

Patroness of love magic, protection spells, healing. She protects your children and pets. She brings love and beauty into your life. She loves glamour magic. She will guide you on a journey of discovery of a dream world.

She has very supportive and healing energy on the path of women to get rid of "Cinderella syndrome". You are provided. You deserve nourishment and beauty. When you spread harmony and beauty it has its value and you deserve to be rewarded. She is a patron of artists.