July - Goddess Danu. The ancestral mother.


Goddess of sovereignty and power. 
All members of the divine Tuatha Dé Danann descended from her. 

One common theory is that Danu derives from the Scythian word for "river," linking the goddess to the Danube River. and Vedic water goddess Danu, whose name is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *dʰenh₂- "to run, to flow".

Linguist Eric Hamp rejects the traditional etymologies in his 2002 examination of the name Danu, and proposes instead that *Danu is derived from the same root as Latin bonus (Old Latin duenos) from Proto-Indo-European *dueno- "good", via a Proto-Celtic nominative singular n-stem *Duonū ("aristocrat"). 

I personally feel right both of these theories and that they are not in a conflict with each other.

Ritual work:

 Danu  grants gifts to rulers and those of noble birth. Kings, queens, druids, witches, craftsmen, warriors, healers. She likes people gifted and skilled. She can be your source and also protectoress of your creativity and craft. She protects her descendants. 

Medieval texts about the Tuath Dé were written by Christians. Sometimes they explained the Tuath Dé as fallen angels who were neither wholly good nor evil, or ancient people who became highly skilled in magic, but several writers acknowledged that at least some of them had been gods. This idea can also help you with your spiritual and occult work. Her energy is much more straight and honourable compare to energy of Lord of the lies - Lucifer.