Halloween. Samhain. All Saint's Day. Dia de Muertos. 


We are stepping into the dark part of the year. Crops of the harvest are stored. Nights are getting longer.  Nature rejuvenate. The cycle is slowly going to its end so it can reborn again. 

Honour your ancestors. Remember,  you are a proof  that all the efforts, sacrifices, love, suffer , survival and success of your ancestors were worth. Visit your family grave. Light candles for your dead loved ones. Contemplate about your own mortality. 

A portal into the "Underworld" or to the "Other side" is opened so is also opened the portal to your unconscious. Let  there be light on your way.

Welcome your Spirit Guides. Communicate with them through meditation and dreams.

Make an altar to honour your ancestors.

Go for a walk in nature.

Make a bonfire.