Chlebíčky ( Open-faced sandwiches) - Get ready for a party!


Czechs cannot imagine Christmas, New Year's Eve, a birthday party, a wedding, a family gathering or a celebration in the office without chlebíčky! You can feed a crowd with them, it's simple, creative and looks good. It's a little snack while you drink.

Czechs use a special type of bread (Veka) but you can use a sliced bigger baguette or some nice sourdough bread. Then you can let yourself loose with creativity and use different types of deli salads accompanied with different types of veggies, pickles, ham, salami, cheeses or boiled eggs. The aesthetics of the way the slice of bread is garnished is a thing as you can see from the photos!

I have a simple recipe for you that I make at home anytime I have some left over boiled potatoes from a previous dinner or lunch. There is no need to waste them, instead, make from them a delicious potato/egg salad. Children love them as a snack too.


1. cooked potatoes ( if you have them with a skin, peel the skin off)

2. boiled eggs

3.  a finely chopped onion

4. dijon mustard

5. mayonnaise

6. pepper, salt

Take a big bowel , throw in a chopped onion at least one table spoon of dijon mustard ( it depends how many potatoes you have and what is your taste preference) , potatoes chopped into little 0,5cm cubes and also boiled eggs finely chopped. The amount of eggs should be the same as the amount of potatoes. Then you connect it all together with mayonnaise , the texture needs to be like a spread ( I suggest to use fork for it). Then you just add salt and pepper up to your taste. Voilà! Your spread is ready! Now you need to spread it on a slice of bread and garnish it.

Here you can see my chlebíčky for an inspiration... I used little gherkins, brie, serrano ham, green salad leaves, tomato and cheddar...