Charming sin city... Amsterdam... Bicycles, canals and art.


One day in Amsterdam

During the day you can see lots of picturesque little streets with plenty of interesting and alternative shops. I' ll definitely come back for shopping. In many ways  I was feeling there like a fish in water. Very artistic and alternative. I really enjoyed this aspect of the city. 

During the night the decadent side of the city comes out. Yes, especially in the touristic red light area. It's very interesting to observe this phenomenon that is otherwise everywhere else latent but in Amsterdam you can see the naked truth. It's very fascinating to me. Even though sometimes it was irritating to deal with all the noise and annoyance made by wasted tourists.

Luckily, I found a refuge in a brilliant and very chilled Hostel where I booked a private room with the most comfortable bed. I definitely recommend a hostel Eco mama Amsterdam. It has lovely common space with spacious kitchen, plenty of  comfortable sitting area where  you can socialize and enjoy some books to read and instruments to play. Also they have a lovely little coffee bar. 

Something I really do enjoy about Amsterdam  is the huge variety of bicycles and tiny cute vehicles that people use to get around the city. It's definitely my vibe and hopefully it will also become a thing in Dublin as Dublin is not that much hilly.

When it comes to food, I have to say Amsterdam is perfect place to enjoy Asian and South American food. I guess it's because of it's colonial history. We enjoyed nice Argentinian steak made on the fire. We also  tried traditional Dutch fries with tasty sauces and croquets in Heertje Friet ( ). It was a treat and so enjoyable break  from walking. It's situated at a corner of an authentic Amsterdam building with a beautiful view on a canal. Also we enjoyed a small glass of Heineken in a very charming pub Proeflokaal A. van Wees  ( ) where they had their residential cat. Actually the cat made me want to sit there...

And while you are walking, don't forget to look under your feet so you don't miss the cobble stones of Amsterdam. The cobble stones of Amsterdam are a stark reminder of the past.