A month without makeup


For a month no makeup. That's the challenge I'm going through with a hope for greater self- acceptance.

Several years ago, for a few months I didn't wear a bra. I lived in Lisbon at that time and it was summer, so it was quite easy. But it was a life changing experience. Since then I'm ok with my boobs and I don't think I have to wear a particular bra to alter my shape of boobs. I do wear a bra again, unless it's hot, but only a wireless bra that is comfortable. Rarely I wear the classical bra with wires, only under certain clothing or for some sexy time. Today, my comfort and wellbeing is for me more important than to be tied and squeezed in wires in hope of good looks and "femininity". My boobs sustained a life, when I was for over 1 year breastfeeding my son. They desehrve respect. Today I just think how stupid I was abusing my boobs in a ridiculously uncomfortable and unhealthy piece of clothing . 

I'm hoping for similar results with my makeup free challenge. I'm hoping for self acceptance and loving my face the way it is, without the need to alter my looks. This is not a statement against makeup in general, but rather a personal challenge to confront the media-propagated ideals of beauty that often overshadow the diverse and natural visage. Makeup can be a fun, creative and artistic way of expression. But I want to feel exactly the same confident and beautiful with or without makeup. That's what I want to achieve. I am now starting my third makeup free week. And I can already observe a positive change in self-acceptance. The absence of makeup did not diminish my self-care. It enhanced my appreciation for my unique facial features. Each morning and evening when I follow my skincare routine, the reflection in the mirror—a Day by day, my bare face becomes a canvas of confidence, each line and freckle a testament to my individuality. It also reminds me of the time when I shaved my head. Hair is actually a great distraction, the amount of time we spend styling them, hair is a big part of our identity. Suddenly it was just my bald head and my face. I felt uncovered, no masks, no hair, my facial features and shape of my head standed out. Actually, I discovered through that experience my another alter ego - Warrior Bea. And it affected my life and what I was doing. During that time I was a big activist and fighter for women's rights and equality , even outside of Europe and what we understand as western world. We can't forget that actually the majority of women till this date live in very patriarchal societies and without an equal access to education, money and resources and without the right to decide for themselves about their body and life direction. 

I'm curious what will reveal itself through my makeup free experience. Because all these things can seem just like little unimportant things. But actually, the level of self-love and self-acceptance changes everything. It changes the way you interact with existence and how existence treats you back.