Guest Guidelines

11 Hope street small big cottage

Welcome, I hope you will have a comfortable experience. You have an access to every part of the house, except the bedroom downstairs (room of my son) is not ready for your use.  There's a bedroom upstairs and an extra bed if there's more guests than 2 ( grey sofa downstairs that can be turned into bed), with a  storage space inside of the sofa where you will find extra bedding. 

There's a little area on the roof where you can sit and chill, please be mindful about your neighbours, don't make there too big noise too late. 

We take off our shoes at the entrance, to keep the house clean. There will be some slippers available for you. 

I will send you a photo where is the key in your WhatsApp.

Wifi password is written on the little red card on the dining table.

There is a Tesco, Spar and Lotts near by for your groceries. 

Restaurants in the area that I can recommend: 

Basil restaurant - it's a family business with tasty authentic pasta and pizza. No alcohol sold there but friendly 5eur BYOB.

Yoi Ramen - tasty ramens, sushi and bento box. 

Dosa Dosa, south Indian street food, it's located Grand Canal street lower, nice outside sitting, it's an eatyard, there are also some other food kiosks for burgers, Thai etc. Nice place to go for meal when weather is nice. 

Osteria Lucio - tasty food if you want more fancy dining experience. 

Otherwise there is plenty of restaurants around Grand canal docks.

For drinks & food I recommend budget JD Wetherspoon or BrewDog with a nice view and terrace to chill.

The local pub is Slattery's D4.

In the house you can use coffee, tea, sugar, honey, spices, oils, vinegars, sauces like ketchup, mustard etc... what ever is in the fridge, butter, juice, if you find eggs. Also you can cut from pots fresh herbs  like parsley, mint, on the roof is right now growing fresh rocket leaves for a salad. In the bathroom there are soaps and shampoos available. 

In the kitchen there is a washing machine - I'm sorry I didn't manage to change the machine in time,  please just use quick 15 min long cycle, spinning is a bit noisy, that's why it needs to be replaced. There's a detergent Ecover for laundry washing under the sink and vinegar on the sink  instead of softener. There's washing dishes soap bar, instead of liquid detergent.

Clean towels are upstairs in the bedroom in the dresser, the bottom drawer.

Yellow - vinegar for cleaning and instead of softener ; Blue - eco multipurpose vinegar based detergent

Hot water:

Blue: it's for your shower, before shower turn it on after turn it off.

Yellow: it's for hot water in the kitchen and sink, turn it on half an hour before , it needs little time to heat it up and please, don't forget to turn it off after half an hour.

Please, open the window every morning for at least 20 mins. It's an old house and there's also a cat living with you. Fresh air is good, and release steam from cooking etc...  

And please keep opened the little window in the bathroom ( smell from cat't toilet and steam from shower) and the door to the bathroom so Suki can go to the toilet :)

Bin on the left is general waste, bin on the right is recycling (plastic , paper)

Instructions for a cat Suki ...

Suki is a little lady cat. She needs her personal space, even though she can be also very sweet but on her own terms. When I am around she is devoted to me but acts very shy in front of other people... but I heard the opposite is true when I am away... :) 

She has her little hidden box, so if you will not see her around, don't panic. She sometimes spends lots of time on her own in her hidden box...  She goes sometimes on the roof , but very rarely (if you keep the door open). She always comes back, just make sure she will go back, You can call her name, she understands and slowly comes back. 

"Turkish Angoras are playful, intelligent, athletic and involved. They bond with humans, but often select a particular member of a family to be their constant companion, whom they are very protective of."

1.  On the kitchen desk by the window is a white cup with her wet food. Please, give her half of it in the morning and the other half in the evening. When her little plate is dirty, please wash it, she likes her plate clean. 

2. She is using reusable pee pads. Please, when there's a poo, throw it in the toilet , on the heater is a little scapula. If the pad is too wet and smelly, please,  put it in to the colourful bag on the black bin in the courtyard. There's yellow gloves so you don't have to touch it. 

3. Fresh pads are in the white tote bag hanging on the bathroom door. 

Thank you a million!