* Your healthy & joyful period * Womanhood *  Feminine rising *

Your period, your flow. Menstrual cycle awareness. Art focused on women's cyclic nature and feminism. 

I am an artist, opera singer, massage therapist and ceremonialist.

Massage rituals, Tea ceremony. 

And also political commentary. Because recent political development around the World is worrying me a lot. 

Guilt & Shame healing

Female body and sex is being shamed and seen as impure for many and many centuries. It is a deep and collective trauma. And a way to control people, families and the whole society. 

Obsession with female virginity and purity ("mother virgin" as the only acceptable female archetype), punishment for children ( and their mothers) conceived outside of marriage. Fallen women. Witch-hunt. These things still live through our collective trauma and needs to be healed. 

Tao Tea massage ceremony for women. 

The Period Monologues Join our virtual women's circles, read and share your stories of menstruation, ovulation, menopause, and more. Let's embrace our cycles and support each other by sharing our stories. You are not alone. There are other women feeling the similar way as you do, so let them know.

Please, send your story to: aruna.divya.shamanka@gmail.com

For a month no makeup. That's the challenge I'm going through with a hope for greater self- acceptance.

Every month I had to endure the cramps, the nausea, the bleeding that never seemed to stop. I thought it was normal and I pretended everything was fine, even when I had to cancel plans, miss work, or lie in bed with a heating pad. I think I was in a state of denial and accepted that it's women's...

I've always hated my periods. They were so painful and heavy, I felt like I was dying every month. I felt like I was different from everyone else, like I was flawed. I hated to participate during PE classes.
When I was 15, the doctor prescribed me a hormonal contraception that eased my pain. I was taking HC for 17 years....