Beatrice - Menstruation - 05.02.24


I woke woke up in a middle of the night with a familiar pain in my lower abdomen, a sign that my period had arrived. In the morning I reached for my phone and I saw a long list of messages and emails, demanding my attention and time. I felt a surge of anxiety and guilt, knowing that I had so much work to do, but also that I need to rest and take care of myself. I decided to stay in bed and relax and I tried to not feel guilty about that. But it was hard. 

I need to be productive and making money. How other women deal with it when they have no other choice and they have to go to work? Am I too spoiled? Till this date there are some men saying that women are weaker because of their reproductive system.  Am I proving that they are correct? 

My period is not a curse or making me the "weaker sex", but it's a blessing, a reminder of my connection to the cycles of nature and the power of creation. I did some meditation and I felt a wave of gratitude and love for myself and my wise body, which knew how to heal and renew itself. Fu*k the stress and work. Fu*k the patriarchy!